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Kitchen Sink--just making sure...

We're remodeling our kitchen right now and part of that remodel is going to involve moving our sink to the right by about six inches. Is it okay to just add some more pipe to reach the new sink drain or should I re-do the whole line from the floor up?

Outside of the occasional toilet valve, I've never really done any plumbing before, so I'm new to this--but I've got to do it myself regardless (it's well outside the budget to get a plumber to do this for us). Thought I'd come here for some advice.

Anything you've got in the way of instruction would be greatly appreciated. Danke!

Re: Kitchen Sink--just making sure...

should be no problem as long as you keep
the pipe slightly out of level so the water
flows well.

Re: Kitchen Sink--just making sure...

Thanks. That's what I thought. So much about plumbing is logic, logic, logic--but it's always good to get a little advice and, of course, the occasional pipe wrench.

Re: Kitchen Sink--just making sure...


If it's just a matter of moving things over 6" they hopefully have a longer pipe piece where you can take the old one out & install the new one.

But these things can get complicated.

Kitchen sink drainpipe is usually 1 1/2"; the newer installs are all white pvc plastic; older installs can be chrome-plated brass or even galvanized or lead (very old installs).

The sites below have photos of installs & modifications for white pvc plastic pipe; plastic is preferred because it's much less expensive than chrome-plated brass (which has shot up in price recently); plastic won't corrode, but it won't take a lot of wrench-tightening as well as brass & can be loosened under normal use.

The hammerzone sites below also advise the tools needed, names of the pipe sections, slip joints, pipe thread compound, silicone caulking, white teflon pipe tape, etc.; you may need some or all of these items to get a tight seal; kitchen drain piping is prone to leak, so the pieces have to fit exactly; there may be some pipe-cutting required to get an exact fit.

Google "installing sink drains"; also scroll down the hammerzone main page to the "search section" to enter "replacing sink drain plumbing", "installing sink drain piping", "sink drain" (do not use the quotation marks on these entries).

Draw a diagram on an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper of your current drain pipe setup, indicating the type of pipe you have (plastic, brass, etc) the diameter of the pipe, how far you have to move the piping, & connections below floor to the rest of the drain system & bring this drawing with you so the plumbing clerk can have some idea of what you plan to do.

When you get to the big box store, ask one of the clerks to help you select the drain pipe you need; effective help at these stores is variable; don't hesitate to go to another store if you can't get the help that you need.


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