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kitchen remodel, but how do we do it? eeks...

we have a 4 entrance- way open to our kitchen,\
one to the porch that leads to outside, the other to the dining room, the other to a small bathroom, the other to the basement.
the room is 15x15 ,
any suggestions? we have tried to figure out some things, but have been scratching our heads. We thought of putting the stove on the outer wall, (WE ARE ALSO ON A BUDGET!!) SO we could vent the stove outside,through the porch, and out to the outside. then in the corner, putting a corner sink, with 2 large casement windows to. We would be looking at the beautiful backyard we have- and the deck, and lots of sunshine would come in as the room is presently dark.
beside the corner sink would be a space for dishwasher. Then the opening to the dining room, then a wall of cupboards, with the frigerator in the middle, cabinet depth/ with another cupboard beside.

Re: kitchen remodel, but how do we do it? eeks...

your best bet is to do up some sketches both of a floor layout and a cabinet style. work off of those and see what you like the best and modify as needed, even consult one of the kitchen designers at eeeekkk hate to say it home depot. the one thing i will say is you want the room to flow. no obstructions between from the prep station to the cooking station and cleaning station, it should be a triangle where you can go back and forth from one to the other.

Re: kitchen remodel, but how do we do it? eeks...

Another option is moving one or more of those doors to get longer wall space. Since the room is large, an island may be good.

Stoves can be down vented too.

What kind of foundation are you working with?

Re: kitchen remodel, but how do we do it? eeks...

And yet another option would be to seek the opinion of a local architect. Some architect can come up with the best economical and functional ideas. Designers tend to think that all homeowners have limitless budgets...

Re: kitchen remodel, but how do we do it? eeks...

An architect is more a waste of money here than usual. The "homey" at the big box store can do a decent CAD kitchen layout for you which is what the architect will have his assistant do anyhow- and one will be much cheaper. You can do this yourself with nothing more than graph paper and a tape to measure spaces and appliances and such. Have you considered closing off one or more interior doors to gain wall space? If the house layout allows that it's pretty easy to do and can much improve a 'broken-up' space for very little cost.

I regularly use graph paper to do layouts, but I'm getting up there in years- you younger folk should buy or 'borrow' software for this and use your PC- it's relatively cheap stuff these days for the basic software which is really all you need.

Re: kitchen remodel, but how do we do it? eeks...

I agree with Mastercarpentry you really can remodel a kitchen with the help of one of the design people at Home Depot or Lowes. I know because I did it years ago.
First though thinking in terms of budget I suggest you make no changes to the phsyical layout of the room. In other words don't start taking out doors and moving them as that is expensive as you should have that done by a pro. Moving water and waste lines and electrical work is expensive too so if it isn't outdated leave it alone as it will save you money.
As for cabinets Home Depot and Lowe both have great cabinets no doubt about it. However there is a greener way to go about your remodel if you don't mind used cabinets. In many towns there is a Habitat For Humanity restore store or a similar place you can go to that sells used cabinets. The cabinets many times are really well made it is just that someone didn't like the color or the design of the cabinet etc. As for the counter top I personally like quartz counter tops I think they cost less and come in a better variety of colors. Good luck to you I know how hard it is but you can do most of the remodel yourself.:)

Re: kitchen remodel, but how do we do it? eeks...

The highly-trained kitchen expert trainees at the big box are there to sell cabinets and countertops. They can provide little useful information or practical experience toward moving doors and windows. If the only satisfactory design is realized by altering the structure, you have to involve a structural engineer and an architect, or at least a contractor with a relationship to one of the two. Moving a door and adding a window is often a crucial step in bringing out the best balance between history and function in an old house. I have done it in my own kitchen, and I guarantee without adding one window and moving one door the outcome would have been bleak.
Sometimes the best answer is found by thinking outside the box. There are instances where flipping room functions opens up greater possibilities; exchanging the kitchen and dining room functions is often a masterstroke. Usually it takes a visionary designer to perceive such possibilities/benefits. You will not find that at the big box.

Re: kitchen remodel, but how do we do it? eeks...

all I can say is ***. listen to the ones that are in the trades. they have been down this road before. an engineer nor architect are needed in this case. except driving up the cost many times over. the person at lowes may be trying to sell you cabinets but won't come close to the architect who is selling you nothing but an idea. you are bound to know someone who is in the construction trades who can make sure if you are moving doorways you aren't cutting something load bearing. and kitchen designs are more about what appeals to a person's eye. and guess whose eye is most important in this aspect. YOURS. get ideas and draw it out and try to picture how it will work our in practical terms.

Re: kitchen remodel, but how do we do it? eeks...

Ikea has a free kitchen planner that makes sketching up your kitchen easy. It lets you futz with all the doors and windows and put in cabinets in every standard size so you can see what will fit and what won't. That would be a good place to start. I agree that it doesn't sound like you need an architect.

Re: kitchen remodel, but how do we do it? eeks...

The price of Granite counter tops today has become more affordable than ever. It is actually the lowest it has been.
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