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Kitchen Island Remodel

My husband and I want to extend the length of our kitchen island to enclose our wine fridge within the island for a more custom, built-in look. We are also replacing the current countertops, sink and faucet that are also a part of this island. The dilemma is that the builder attached a drywall "box" or wall on the backside of the island. The drywall runs the length and height of the island and the corners are caulked to the wood panels on either side of the island. If we extend the base cabinet, it will mean that we will also need to extend this drywall component. I am happy with removing it alltoghter, but do not know how we will do it. Any ideas and suggestions on what we can do would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Kitchen Island Remodel

I didn't understand if you wanted to remove it or extend it?

If you want to remove it, I would take a utility knife and cut just inside the caulk line on the drywall. I am assuming (dangerous to do without seeing it) that the "box you referred to is a 2x4 frame that stands the drywall off the back of the cabinets? You can tear the drywall off frame and replace it with whatever you would like.

If you want to extend it, then cut the drywall at the caulk line and take off the wood panel on the one end of the island. Add your island extension and match the "box" on the back of the existing island. Then add the drywall and tape and spackle the seam.

Without seeing the exact situation, there are probably some finish details I am leaving out.

Good luck & have fun.

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