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kitchen floors and cabinets

We are remodeling our kitchen, getting down to bare walls and sub-floor. We will be installing hardwood flooring and new cabinets. The question we have is: Should we install the floor first, and place the new cabinets on the new floor, or install the cabinets first and run the new flooring up to the cabinets? Thanks for your help.

Re: kitchen floors and cabinets

You ask 10 contractors this question, and you'll get 15 answers.

My approach: do the floor first. Why?

1. you get the full height of the cabinets.
2. the dishwasher will go in and out with ease.
3. the fridge will roll in and out with ease.
4. the freestanding stove (if you have one) will slide in and out with ease.

Re: kitchen floors and cabinets

If it is finished-on-site wood, then by all means finis the floor first, you get a premium job that way with less risk in banging up the cabinets.
If it's a prefinished floor, install after cabinets, but set the cab's on shims or plywood cuts equal in thickness to the flooring. That way there are no appliance height issues.

Re: kitchen floors and cabinets

anything but tile and vinyl flooring should be run under the cabinets. whether the flooring is prefinished or not. if it is prefinished it can still be refinished down the road minus the part under the cabinets. only tile and vinyl flooring should be layed up to the cabinets. also, prefinished wood flooring is 3/4" thick just like regular unfinished wood flooring. if you put the wood flooring down after the cabinets are installed it will be alot of additional labor and you might have problems fitting the dishwasher under the countertop. if you're doing a pergo style flooring then that can be installed like tile or vinyl. also, if you are doing tile, i recommend running the cement board wall to wall under the cabinets so that the tile only takes up the 1/4" to 3/8" of height up the front of the cabinet.

Re: kitchen floors and cabinets

Thanks, all of you, for your assistance.

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