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Kitchen Floor Help

I saw a show where the homeowner wanted to repair the vinyl floor. The host noted the interesting way the homeowner had not stopped the vinyl at the cabinets but placed the vinyl under the toekick? space. This made it easier to keep clean.

I am building a house and would like to know more about this procedure so I can incorporate it in my kitchen.

I hope you can help me find the answers.


A. Spruce
Re: Kitchen Floor Help

What you describe sounds like coved base, where the flooring is rolled up the face of cabinet toe-kicks. While maybe being a little easier to clean, IMHO, it does not look very good and quickly dates the kitchen.

As for "repairs", about all you can do is put a sealer on small nicks and seams. If you cut a patch out and replace it, you've just created a large area for water to get under the floor which will loosen the edges causing curl, delaminate the vinyl, and cause damage to the sub-floor if it's not concrete.

Re: Kitchen Floor Help

Thank you, I think that is what I saw on the show. I was thinking it would make cleaning much easier.

I was the homeowner who had the problem with the ripped vinyl and they showed how to patch it.

I am planning to vinyl down in the kitchen of the house I am planning to build.

thanks again for your info.

A. Spruce
Re: Kitchen Floor Help

You're welcome.

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