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Kitchen faucet washer deforming

I have a wall mounted kitchen faucet. The hot water washer continuously deforms and requires replacement. I've had to replace the hot side three times in the last two months. I am using ACE No.00 washers that are recommended. The cold water side seems to hold up much better. They tell me there is no difference between the washers for the hot side and cold side, but I am wondering what the problem is. I checked the seat, it is smooth and in good shape. I have included a photo of the deformed washer. Has anyone run into this? Thanks in advance.

Some clarification, this is the washer under the faucet stem, held in place by a brass screw.

Does anyone know if the Hot water washer should be different material than the Cold side?

Re: Kitchen faucet washer deforming

Looks like when its installed its dropping and when its tightened its not in the seat.You said its a wall mount so if put a little silicon lube to hold it in place it should stay on the seat when you tighten it. or remove the fixture and hold it upright when installed and then put it back on the wall.

my 2 cents

Re: Kitchen faucet washer deforming

I just had a similar situation with the hot water valve in a shower. The washer looked as if it was decomposing. The washer material seem to have been changed over the past few years. The black neoprene washers, which are harder to find lately, just wore out. They did not get soft and deform. Also, back in the old days, fiber washers were used on the hot water side. But, they were prone to cracking.

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