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Kitchen Faucet Problems

Installed a new faucet in our kitchen and now everytime we use the faucet it thunks while the water is running. It is a steady thunk about every second as the water runs. Replace the bathroom faucet at same time but that does not do that and works fine.

When installing there was no shut off valves under the sink, I installed them and ran all new hose from there up.

What is this?


Re: Kitchen Faucet Problems

Does this happen regardless running hot or cold water?

By chance does this kitchen faucet have a sprayer attachment?

If so try using the sprayer to see if the noise settles down .... it could be the divertor.

Re: Kitchen Faucet Problems

Happens with both hot and cold. It does have a spray nozzle and when you use it the noise does settle down.

Could the diverter be bad even in a new faucet?

Re: Kitchen Faucet Problems

Sounds like it is the spray's diverter opening and closing. It could be a normal thing with that faucet, or a new diveter might stop the noise.

Depending on the quality of the faucet this can be the case .... I have the same thing with an off brand . It uses a piston type diverter which is noisey.

You can take the diverter out of the faucet to see if clears the noise ..... the spout will still work but with no noise but the spray hose might not operate correctly .

Re: Kitchen Faucet Problems

Thank you for your help.

It was a lower quality off brand faucet.

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