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Kitchen Faucet Not Flowing.

my kitchen faucet was working then it quit,the only time that water comes out of the faucet is when you press the spray handle for both hot or cold temps. any ideas will be of great help i might replace the faucet tomarrow if i cant fix it. please help!!!!!pictures below.

Re: Kitchen Faucet Not Flowing.

Looks like you may have the same problem the person in the link below had. What brand/model faucet do you have.


Re: Kitchen Faucet Not Flowing.

Find the website that handles the particular faucet to get an idea of how to take it apart. It sounds like it needs un-clogging, or a decent cleaning of the innerds. Its not unusual for small particles to accumulate over time. Clean out the filter at the very end of the spout along with the spray head and the valve body.

Re: Kitchen Faucet Not Flowing.

unscrew the aerator on the end of the faucet and clean it off, the screen is probably clogged.

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