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kitchen faucet noisy vibration

Just moved into our new house, which is eight years old. All plumbing works great, with the exception of the kitchen faucet. When either the hot or cold water is quickly turned on even halfway open, a very loud, vibrating noise comes from the wall behind, roughly between the sink and the dishwasher. I have removed and cleaned the final aerator (which was dirty) with no reduction of the noise. The faucet is a Glacier Bay product with a sprayer and a "swan neck" spigot. I'm no plumber, so any good advice will be very appreciated! Thanks!

Re: kitchen faucet noisy vibration

You have a bad transfer valve for the hose spray. Good luck finding one for a Glacier Bay Faucet.


Re: kitchen faucet noisy vibration

Glacier Bay is a HD brand, and it's something that I would install in a rental property. I won't be surprised if it failed. In such a casr - replace it.

Check the supply nipples coming out the wall to make sure they are secure and don't move when you turn the water on.

Re: kitchen faucet noisy vibration

Take the supply hoses off from under the sink. Run the water while aiming the hoses at a bucket. See if the noise is the same. That will eliminate the valve from the equation.

Its probably the crappy valve. 8 years is a long time for those very low end valves. Treat yourself to something well built.

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