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kitchen electric problem

Facts first
First it is a 1970 model mobile home.
second been here for 5 years.
third only one electric problem before soved by installing new breaker in panel for water heater with the right amperage.

Problem now
Microwave,fridge,furnace,bathroom light,+1 rec( in bathroom ),+2 other rec. in kitchen. all on one circuit.furnace is naterual gas,eletric blower motor of course.

today the microwave went out bath lights dimmed and fridge light dimmed motor stopped running.also florescent light went out I had plugged in above sinc.no GFCI in this old puppy.so I installed a new 30 amp breaker in the box and all lights came back on but were very dim. so I unplugged the fridge and plugged it into another strong circuit and shut the fan switch on the furnace actually at the furnace off and every thing came up bright microwave works fine now.so i tried just plugging in the fridge all went dim again.so hooked it back to good circuit and tried turning on furnace again and it went dim again.

Question whats wrong with this circuit?

Re: kitchen electric problem

It seems odd that it's all on one circuit, especially the furnace, which is usually on a dedicated circuit. But in 1970, who knows?

I suspect that you actually have two circuits and somehow there's a loose connection on the neutral. Try flipping each circuit breaker in turn and seeing if any of the other breakers affect any of the devices on the "circuit" you mention. If so, then it's probably a problem with the neutral.

You'll want to check every connection you can find -- receptacles, switches, light fixtures, electrical panel -- and make sure the connections are tight. If any connections have a burnt appearance, they must be redone. Replace any burnt switches or receptacles.

WARNING: if you have aluminum wire (silver colored), you should only replace switches and receptacles with ones marked CO/ALR. The ordinary sub-$1 at Home Depot are not rated for use with aluminum wire.

If you do have aluminum wire, I'm sorry. You will continue to have electrical problems. It's bad news; it was commonly installed in that era of mobile homes.

Re: kitchen electric problem

First of all it sounds like you are installing breakers rated beyond the capacity of the wiring and too heavy a total load for one circuit. Overloading the wiring with to heavy a breaker will cause the wiring to heat, expand and contract and you get loose connections. If you have alum wire it would even be worse. First you will have to ascertain the size of the wiring and size the breaker to the wire size not to the load you want to run. Then check all the connection in the circuit especially the receptacle connections and distribution panel connections including the neutrals. If the stab connection where used on the receptacles move the wires to the screws. Over heating stab connectors causes the contact strips to warp and make weak connections. Next would be to check all wire nut connections. If you have alum wire, wire nuts should be replaced with alum rated connectors. Be careful you may soon have a bond fire rather than a mobile home.

Re: kitchen electric problem

Oh and in any case I would suggest you hire an electrician at this point.

Re: kitchen electric problem

okay an update.

I have replaced all rec. and switches on this circuit.
I did find the wires in bathroom light had burnt in the past and the neutral n hot was almost melted to each other.
So I bought new light fixture and striped back to good wire.
Cant use microwave still on that circuit or fridge.
furnace still not working right and it is on its own circuit,but now hot water heater is not working and its on an entirly seprate circuit from the other two.

its fixed

the problem wasn't in the house at all.it was the neutral wire in the ground between pole and house.they found a break in the line,so when we got all that rain it shorted it out.eletric company came out and put a entirely new line in and a new main breaker just in case..:):):):)

Re: kitchen electric problem

Glad to hear you got it fixed. It sounded like a classic "bad neutral" problem to me, but I just wasn't thinking of the line coming into the house!

Re: kitchen electric problem

I am glad it is fixed. However, I still think an electrician looking over the circuit breakers would be wise. From what I am hearing, I bet it wouldn't pass code.

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