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kitchen drawer hardware- over 25 yrs old

at the apartment complex I work in we have run into the need to replace some broken drawer slides which I have found out are out of production for about twelve years. anyone have any idea on where to get them around Cleveland, Oh. i had found the drawer rollers and the center rear support bracket on line, but not the drawer slide into which the rear support bracket goes into. any help would be appreciated. thanks

Re: kitchen drawer hardware- over 25 yrs old

I've had some luck finding rare parts on line, but you have to do the research. Good luck.

Re: kitchen drawer hardware- over 25 yrs old

I would work on designing a retrofit to a new slide. The technology is so superior to the old days it would be worth the upgrade. You could maybe get some bulk prices if you can order in quantity.

I myself love the Blum line of hardware and especially that they make some items in the USA. I have found great prices ****** but, be forewarned you must know what you want. You can find the ****** catalog here: http://www.blum.com/th/en/02/40/40/

Re: kitchen drawer hardware- over 25 yrs old

This is another place where unless it is necessary to maintain historical accuracy, an upgrade to modern methods is well worth doing. There are several common drawer slide systems available that are easy to DIY, and one of them is sure to be compatible with your cabinets.

If you still want to do a repair instead, contact as many local remodelers as you can and ask then to alert you when they re-do any kitchen cabinets nearby so that you can check for the hardware you need on the pull-outs. Eventually you should find the needed parts since most older builders used one of the local cabinet makers, and they used the same hardware for most of the cabinets they built. When you find what you need, buy the contractor lunch in appreciation for helping you out :cool:


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