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Tom Webb
Kitchen counters

My wife wants me to swap out our kitchen counter tops for some she found at a local home improvement center, But I have no Idea whats used to cut it to length to keep a good edge I figured a router for the sink hole but what about the straight edges?

A. Spruce
Re: Kitchen counters

We'd need to know what type of counter you're talking about before we can offer what kind of tools to use to work it.

Re: Kitchen counters

I'm having a house built and one of the "upgrades" of the kitchen is the type of counters you can have. Well I chose the standard counter because I wanted to keep cost down. The difference between the standard and level 1 upgrade was the standard has a matte finish where level 1 upgrade is shiny.

Re: Kitchen counters

Generally, when cutting through brittle materials, such as laminates, it must be cut so that your saw is cutting down through the finished surface. If your blade cuts on the upward motion, it will chip along the cut edge. Also, it helps to put down masking tape and cut through the tape.

Use a fine toothed saw blade. There are circular blades made especially for sawing through laminates and brittle surfaces. They have many teeth with the teeth oriented to minimize tear out.

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