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Kitchen Ceiling options.

I'm about to cut a large hole in the ceiling of my kitchen to repair / replace the leaking drain in the bathroom shower above it (another project in itself).

The current ceiling is drywall, with a popcorn finish. I'm not all that fond of popcorn, but it matches the rest of that level of the house (though the kitchen ceiling is isolated). I have VERY little confidence that I can reproduce the texture effect accurately, so the repair would show. I'm considering alternative finishes.

I'm solicitings ideas (or locations for ideas) on ceiling finishes for the kitchen. We have oak floors, oak cabinets (of builder grade), builder grade formica counter tops and an off-white paint color (that might be changed "while we're at it.:D")

As an aside, since that would require redoing the entire kitchen ceiling, we thought "While we're at it, :eek: we might as well deal with our lighting issues". A single 3' flourescent fixture lights the kitchen, which places the light at the back of anyone working at the sink, stove or counter. Some task lighting will be added and maybe some undercabinet lighting as well.

Re: Kitchen Ceiling options.

How about a coffered ceiling, painted white? Pretty simple to do and it would allow you to put in some nice recessed cans or even a chandelier.

I'm thinking something like this:

Good luck

Re: Kitchen Ceiling options.

Lordy, Lordy.....You used the deadly phrase "while we're at it"... :eek:

You mentioned undercabinet lighting as a possibility...
I just installed Kichler undercabinet lighting in our house and we are very happy with the results. The wire is 'set' into a track that has been fastened to the uppers. You can place the bulbs anywhere along the wire track spacing them as you need to for your particular usage. This worked very well to give a little extra light to the work areas and keep the other spots as accent lighting.

Re: Kitchen Ceiling options.

I thought about a coffered ceiling, but the room is irregular (one corner is clipped at about 45 degree angle). Would that look too weird?

I can't bring the main ceiling (or border) down TOO far because there are some tall windows on the exterior wall AND the missus is using the "above cabinet space" to display an assortment of knick-nacks and tins.

I am so aware of the "while we're at it" dangers. But, since the lighting is SO bad there, and I will have to open up the ceiling to a certain degree, I thought to improve the overall sitiation before I closed it up.

As for texturing, despite the many year my dad & granddad spent as plasterers and having tried it a number of times, I have no facility for artistic work with mud in any form. I've learned to restrict my creativity to applications using wood and the shaping of it. However the missus might be talked into trying that, which would put the final phase of completion in HER list for a change. :) I'll have to see if I can find some pictures of finishes and how-to's that might get her attention.


Re: Kitchen Ceiling options.

Have you considered putting in a decorative tin ceiling? They are extremely easy to install and can be obtained via internet at reasonable prices. Also available in many color choices. By the way, the new track lighting look fixture works great in a kitchen and will put light right where you want it in your kitchen. Hope this helps.

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