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Kitchen Cabinets

I have a good client who asked me today to paint his kitchen cabinets black, high gloss.

I told him that he was crazy and he agreed. Now I want to talk him out of this plan, but I need help convincing him.

Normally, I try not to change people's color choices, but black cabinets???

Any ideas?

Re: Kitchen Cabinets

Maybe he is into Asian black lacquer furniture.Jack

A. Spruce
Re: Kitchen Cabinets

What always worked for me was to educate the client on resale value. There is a reason why "art nouveau" comes and goes, yet neutral colors and design prevail.

Remind your client of the wonderful olive green, browns, and pink/black combinations of the 60's and 70's. How popular are those things today? Sure, kitsch gets your attention, but it dates extremely quickly.

As long as you build with solid classic design ideas in mind, your structures and abodes will survive the test of time without taking on that 'yesteryear' look before the contractor leaves the driveway.

The next thing is to not to alienate the client because they are thinking differently, ultimately, it is their checkbook, they get what they want. Your job is to help them maintain the integrity and value of their home. I usually started conversations like this with, "I am not going to try to talk you out of what you're asking, however, I will give you my experience and expertise on the matter . . ."

For me, I truly wanted what was best for the client, even if that was painting their cabinets black, but I was going to make damn sure that is exactly what they wanted before it happened, because you know all too well that if the client isn't happy, then they are not happy with the work you've performed for them and that can cost you a good client, as well as word of mouth business.

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