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Kitchen Cabinet removal

I decided to remove my upper kitchen cabinets to replace them with open shelving. I was able to remove all but three cabinets quite easily with very little damage to the (plaster) walls. The three cabinets above the stove are a different issue. I removed all of the screws as I had with the others but the outer cabinets will NOT come down! There is no evidence of any other attaching screws and the vent hood is only attached to the cabinet above it on the bottom of the cabinet. Help please!

Re: Kitchen Cabinet removal

You might have a "french cleat" holding them in.

Try lifting upwards along the same axis as the wall.

Let us know how that goes.

A. Spruce
Re: Kitchen Cabinet removal

They may also be painted into place. Cut around them with a utility knife to break the paint bond. Another thing will be to take a magnet and go over the cleats really well, there could be nails or screws that were puttied over and invisible, a strong magnet should find them if they're there.

Make sure you've got a helper to hold the cabinet while you do any prying or application of force in the removal process.

Re: Kitchen Cabinet removal

My first thought was the same as Spruce's. Too much paint, especially oil, over the years makes a really strong glue!

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