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Kitchen Cabinet Help

I had standard oak color varnished cabinets in my rental property and years ago, I spent weeks, it seems, stripping and restaining them a darker, richer color. To my horror, a tenant painted them white. It wasn't long before that paint started chipping and now they look bad. I don't want to go through that whole procedure again. I'm wondering what would happen if I tried to sand the white down as an antique look would be OK.

Re: Kitchen Cabinet Help

Regardless of what you do to the existing white paint, it will continue to be chip prone. Paint just does not bond to varnish the way it does to the grain of the wood. Further, I doubt your tenant did any preparation that would help assure some degree of adhesion.

If they were mine, I would strip them down to bare wood once again. I would prime them with a high build oil enamel undercoater. This will help lessen the deep graining of the oak. Your finish coat can be either oil or acrylic. Naturally, spraying them would give the most professional looking result, if you have such equipment.

If you want to somewhat compromise on the amount of work, you might consider just stripping the doors, and only prime and paint the bases. It is the doors that are the most vulnerable to chipping.
Just doing the doors would allow you to remove the great majority of the mess from the kitchen itself, as they can be done in the garage or elsewhere.

Re: Kitchen Cabinet Help

Sigh.... I was afraid you were going to say that. Yes, it's the door edges that look bad...

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