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Kitchen (and maybe) Side porch remodel

Hey all,

Here is my situation:

My kitchen 14x14 is currently being re-modeled by yours truly. It has a door (I want to replace it at least or remove it all together) that goes out into an enclosed 5 ft x 13 ft side porch. The porch is offset (drops down) one step (about 7") from the floor level of the kitchen as the kitchen used to be the end of the house and the porch was an add-on. The porch has an exit storm door that leads out into the side of my house.

I am trying to figure out a way to include this side porch in the remodeling since it is currently not used for anything. I originally was going to replace the door and just leave it be but i am wondering how i could manipulate this side porch to allow the kitchen area to flow into it.

I thought about maybe a half bath, but with the size i am not sure it is do-able.

Any thoughts, ideas and advice is appreciated.


A. Spruce
Re: Kitchen (and maybe) Side porch remodel

I would warn against removing the kitchen door to the porch area, unless you are certain that the porch and enclosure are up to the task of "liveable" space. Are the walls and ceiling insulated? You say it's a "porch", is it decking exposed to the ground and exterior that will allow moisture, bugs, and odors into the house? Without knowing the quality of the structure, it is not a wise idea to incorporate it as part of the interior living space of the house. Adding that space is also going to put additional load on your heating and cooling system, is it up to the task?

I would leave the existing door in place, maybe upgrade it to something more aesthetically pleasing, yet weather tight. As for adding a half bath on the porch, again, the same concerns apply. You could easily put the half bath at one end without taking up too much of the area, however, is the addition of the bathroom worth the expense?

Re: Kitchen (and maybe) Side porch remodel

Hi A. Spruce,

Yes we definitely need to gut the walls and ceiling and insulate it.

The storm door would need to be replaced with a new one plus a new entry door.

The porch itself since it is only 4 ft wide is pretty sound structurally, however, it is an add-on that sits above ground by about 5 ft and is not filled in underneath so it is potentially a crawl space for anything small enough to fit in there. So i would need to take the time to close all of that up externally.


Re: Kitchen (and maybe) Side porch remodel

Adding a bath or half a bath will require a permit, and once your inspector sees what you got, he will want to see corrections.

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