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I have an shotgun house 1/2 was built in 1923 the other was done in 1970. the problem is the new 1/2 is on top of an second story with walls of concret block. the other 1/2 is on pileings it was jacked up and leveled when we bought the place.
I am re doing the kitchen cabs and my ceiling is wavy (the kitchen is in the middle) of house what is the best way to get the cabs level with out MAJOR renovation. I can use any width crown I want.:cool:

Re: kitchen

If you haven't made the upper cabinets yet, you might consider making them a little shorter (6-10")so that they don't hit the ceiling. That way the ceiling won't be a factor. If you do decide to make them full height, crown mould is the way to go. I don't know how wavy your ceiling is but if it's really bad, you will have a reveal on the face of the cabinets, where the crown hits them, that may change visibly. I don't know how much of an issue that is.

The other way is to build a short (2-3") soffit above the cabinets, maybe as a false front on the face of the cabinets. You could use this as a scribe edge and do something withit to make things right.

Good Luck.

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