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A tale of my own stupidity...

I have an older home that is almost identical to the one next door, except my kitchen is much larger because the previous owner had enlarged it by removing a bedroom. It makes my house seem much larger and open. Well...
I had rewired the kitchen (the previous owner wasn't much of an electrician - he put the sole plug inside the cupboard!), added a GFI plug (in the wall, thank you!), and after turning the power back on, I had checked to be sure everything worked. It did.
A few days later, I had cable installed through the wall that divides the kitchen from the living room. A few days after that, my hubby came home, and when he flipped the switch for the light over the kitchen table, it did not work.
We checked for power at the switch - nothing. I crawled back up in the attic to see if perhaps I had kicked a wire loose in my rewiring trip - nope. For a week I fretted over why the light would not work, even though it was fine after I had rewired. I planned on calling an electrician the next day, as I didn't want the house burning down due to a wiring problem.
That night, I had a dream...
When the alarm went off the next morning, I went to make coffee. Then, smirking to myself, I reached behind the entertainment center and flipped a light-switch that we had tried several times upon moving in, but couldn't figure out what it controlled.
Obviously, the cable guy had needed additional light, and had tried this switch. Equally obviously, the switch had been the original kitchen switch, but the one we used was next to the garage door.
NOW I know what that switch does. It is now taped in the on position, and I'll have to be sure to let future owners know about this quirk.
And to think I almost paid someone to tell me this!
Yeah, yeah...go ahead and laugh...

kreg mcmahon
Re: K.i.s.s....

funny story!

A. Spruce
Re: K.i.s.s....

Good story.

You really need just remove that switch and put a blank plate over the box. That way, neither you or any future owners will have to wonder why things aren't working as they should. :)

Re: K.i.s.s....

That is such a simple fix - I can't believe I hadn't thought of it! AND I happen to have several blanks...I can be so smart and so STUPID at times!
At least I'm bright enough to shut the power off before I work (and I test it) unlike my sweet hubby. I walked into his music studio one time when he was removing a light fixture to replace with a ceiling fan. I asked him if he'd shut the power off. He said, yeah, at the switch. Just as I opened my mouth to tell him that wasn't real wise, he fell off the step stool and dropped the screwdriver because of the jolt he just had. He is no longer allowed to work with electricity at home.
He's also not allowed to light the bar-b-que after he put one together, lit it, and was promptly knocked back 15 feet from the blast.
I love him, and want him around for awhile, so I do all the tinkering around here!

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