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Kevin O'Connor's Hair

My question is what can we do about Kevin O'Connor's haircut? Bless his heart, as we say here in Kentucky. It is the most distracting hair on television today outside of Donald Trump and Sanjaya.

Kevin seems to be a well-educated, affable, otherwise handsome guy but then there is this really distracting haircut. Sort of like if Will Ferrell and a howler monkey had a love child. The man has a wife, so clearly he is supervised on some level. I mean no disrespect, because I like him and the show dearly. Clearly This Old House utilizes its budget on cool tools rather than a stylist. But the more he talks about dry setting floor tile or the finer points of router bits, I find my attention wandering to that 'do.

Maybe Queer Eye for the Straight Guy can do a makeover on both Norm and Kev while TOH works on an art deco house in South Beach.

Don't let his glamour shot bio pic fool you. And go ahead, google howler monkey.

Re: Kevin O'Connor's Hair

Kevin's hair looksfine to me. So does Norm's. I don't see what the problem is.

Re: Kevin O'Connor's Hair

Holy Crap....:D

What's next..butt crack? :D

Re: Kevin O'Connor's Hair

Geez ... BigWalt ... now I can't get that out of my mind :eek:.... ahhhhg

Re: Kevin O'Connor's Hair

Oh, leave Kevin alone. He's a red headed Boston Irish guy. I like him as host but would rather have Bob Villa all along. I was one of the first subscribers to This Old House newsletter when it came out in 1974 and I was restoring my 1880's house In Boulder, Colorado.
Be that as it may, does anyone know what town Kevin and Kathleen live north of Boston? No, I'm not a stalker, just curious. I live and work in Iraq right now.

Re: Kevin O'Connor's Hair

Kevin and fam are our neighbors down the street. He seems like a really nice guy, kind of shy, but very polite. I deeply respect his privacy, which is why I'm not going to share the city where we both live. Even though you're not a stalker. Sorry. Good luck in Iraq! Now there's a place that could use TOH!

Re: Kevin O'Connor's Hair

I'm wondering more why the homeowner doesn't do something about her hair. Does being green preclude the use of a hairbrush? The makeup department must be going crazy off-camera. Well, I suppose if she doesn't mind looking unkempt on national TV, neither should I.

(I really don't mean to sound cruel. Still, yikes!)

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