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Keeping a basement dry

We just moved to a new house (built in 1979). The previous owner had the walls and floor painted/sealed, we repainted/sealed the walls and put down a vinyl no glue floor (we did not re-paint/seal the floor). We just pulled back the vinyl floor and found mold and some of the paint was coming up. I'm sure we will have to pull up the flooring and re-paint/seal the floor and add a dehumidifier, but my question is: We have about a one inch gap between the basement walls and the concert floor. Could this gap be filled in? What is purpose for this gap? Any other suggestions for keeping a basement dry? We do have a sub-pump one corner.

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Re: Keeping a basement dry

A French Drain designed to collect rain water traveling into your basement must have been installed by the previous homeowner. If the French Drain is in good working order keep it, it can only benefit your home. If the French Drain was installed correctly, underneath the one inch gap that you see lies PVC pipes that have holes on the top and the sides. The PVC pipes are surrounded by gravel. The PVC pipes start out pitched high then elevate downwards. Gravity pulls the water collected in the PVC pipes to the sub-pump where water is disbursed to outside. I had a water problem in my basement and solved it by finding out where the water was leaking in from, which was from the outside. I then cemented the gaps on the outside and applied polyurethane to any gaps on the inside and applied a coat of Dry-Lock on the inside walls. I also rerouted two of my gutter pipes so that the rain water travels away from my house. Ever since then, my basement has been dry. Hope this helps!

Re: Keeping a basement dry

Peter1, Thanks for the response. I'm not sure it is a french drain. It is only about one inch and I only see dirt and a little gravel. If it collects anything it's a few spiders, YUCK! I think the house was built with that gap. The walls are sealed and I really don't see any water coming from one place. I would say it's a little damp.

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