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Keep return vent outlet only on the floor

We are redoing the hardwood floor in our entrance area and we have a return vent outlet. Currently the cover (register) is raised up to the wall but the actual hole is only on the floor (See attached picture). I mean the return vent pipe is not extended to the wall. We were thinking to replace the cover that is flush with the floor and not raised on the wall as currently this is a minor obstacle on the way. But we are not sure if this is allowed according to the building code and not against the best practices. We were wondering if any one has thought of doing such thing before or if you have any thoughts.

Re: Keep return vent outlet only on the floor

Let me see if I understand what your saying. Your return comes through the floor but under the wall and you want the grill flat on the floor? If it is then the return can be moved out on the floor and use a return floor grill. I don't know what size boot is on the end of the ductwork so be sure to keep everything the same size.

Re: Keep return vent outlet only on the floor

Is it possible that you are mixing "return" with "vent"?

Re: Keep return vent outlet only on the floor

Thank you both of you for the quick response. Let me try to answer both. The picture shows a return outlet (from where the Furness takes in the air) (thank you for pointing out the issue). Currently if I remove the top cover, I see the hole is only on the ground and the duct is not extended to the wall. But the cover makes it look like the hole is on the wall.

What we want is to replace this cover so that it will be only on the floor and we can maintain the size. The current cover is like an obstruction on the way as it is extended couple of inchs from the wall at least on the base side. When we put a cover that is all on the floor then there will be no obstruction.

Is this can be done and if so, is it OK with the building code?

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