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Hey, Has anybody ever used an item called the "Just-Right" by Nibco? It's a kind of a passive hot water return system that works on the heat rises/cold drop idea. You basically go to your farthest hot water tap, put in a tee and run a return line back to the cold water inlet making a loop so that you always have hot water at the tap. Theoretically, it sounds like a good idea..... Any body know for sure?

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Thanks! I appreciate any input. I've been a boiler operator for about 20 years now, so I do understand how it works. I was just wondering if anyone had used this particular product. It seems to be like a check valve in there, like a small ball that would move back and block the line from backfeeding cold water into the system. And you are absolutely right about this being around for a long time. This whole idea was in use way before circulating pumps were even thought of. Thanks again!

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