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just replaced the shower faucet

I'm doing some work on my parents home 200+ year old farm house...

OK, I just replaced the entire tub and shower assembly (Moen model L82694) because it was leaking and annoying mom... The problem is it's still leaking in the tub... I am far from a plumber but growing up in the house had to learn, so I am capable of replacing the old with new but thats about the extent of my knowledge...

I don't know what type of faucet (ball, disc, cartridge, and compression) it is a single handle, the box doesn't tell me much, the faucet still leaks...

Any ideas are appreciated, I have taken it aprat once to make certain it was all assembled correctly and tight..

Re: just replaced the shower faucet

A lot of the time dripping can be caused by dirt or gunk getting in the washers you might try taking it apart again and rinsing parts to try to get any gunk out of it.

Re: just replaced the shower faucet

just pull the cartridge out and turn water on for a couple of seconds should wash out any debris. Also did you remove cartridge before soldering?

Re: just replaced the shower faucet

Try manually opening the diverter after shower use. Sometimes a drip is the emptying of the riser tube to the shower head because the diverter didn't open on it's own.

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