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Just added insulation and no results!

I spent my weekend adding insulation in my attic and can not feel any positive results. I live in Houston and my house is a 1920 colonial with no insulation. I laid down R-30 fiber glass batts and I am about 80% done with the entire attic. However, my house is still as hot as before. After laying down the fiber glass batts I measured the thickness and it is probably 7-8 inches (not the 10 inches labeled on the package). The top of the floor joists are still exposed. I know I am supposed to have R38 at least, but I would have expected that with R30 I would have had some results. I am planning on going all the way to R38, but I guess I just don't believe until I see (or feel my inside of the house at least 10 degrees cooler). Can anybody lift my hopes that I will have positive effects with R38 or higher?

Re: Just added insulation and no results!

Thank you for the reply. Yes, its is an old house which means it has no insulation in the walls, crawl space, and has single pane windows. I realize now that I definitely need more insulation in my attic. Maybe lay fiber batts perpendicular to the ones I put down in the bays. This way the insulation will cover the top of the floor joists. I hope this makes a difference. The house is still as hot as before, but I will give it sometime to "cool down" like you said and get that hot air out. Curiously this morning after the rain we had last night it was cooler in my attic than inside the house.

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