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Re: Joining large timbers for table top
Sombreuil_mongrel wrote:

It is a large undertaking to make a giant glued-up panel and make it planar and keep it so.
How are you going to dress it after the glue dries? A 4ft planer or thickness sander is almost unheard-of, doing it by hand is a very skilled operation, not doing it at all will leave no room to correct things after the fact, makes the material prep a machining job worthy of NASA.
If you're making a rough-sawn industrial-looking top out of used lumber with the as-found finish, I recommend bolting it through with all-thread like a butcherblock and forgoing the glue. Use a few dowels to keep it aligned every foot or two, let the bolts do the fastening work, adjust the warp with shims between the timbers. Place the worst boards at the edges, the truest ones in the middle.

I though about doing it this way as well. Decisions decisions.


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