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Is it time to replace heater???

We have a 18 year old Amana Efficancy 80 gas heater. It seems to be running fine. We would like to add an AC unit this year. Our dilemma is do we just add the AC unit or would it be better to replace the heater with a complete hvac system? We are not going to upgrade to the 90% efficient model. Any advise welcome.

Re: Is it time to replace heater???

you should get a new furnace with A/C it will save you money in the long run as the life of you existing furnace is probably nearing its end.

Re: Is it time to replace heater???

cj could be right about how long your furnace will last, 16 years is about when costly things start to break down, blower motor, heat exchanger etc. Then again our Olsen oil fired Hot Air Furnace is still running well after 24+ years, it will be replaced by next year. If you do plan to keep your present furnace a Co. can do what is called a cut in. That's adding an Evap or ACoil, lineset condenser, condensate pump, heat and A/C stat. etc. So it can be done, the question is do you want to take the chance on your furnace breaking down after you have all that A/C work done. More labor cost that could have been avoided had it been done while adding the A/C. Good Luck !:)

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Re: Is it time to replace heater???

Thanks for your advice. We will go ahead and start getting some quotes for a new system.

Replace the Furnace

The furnace is 18 years old. Your going to pay someone to add a/c to it so its readily accessible to be replaced. Don't replace it and in a few years it goes. More money in labor to replace it then. Plus it's 80%.

Your going to have to install a minimum of 13seer w/R-410A refrigerant on the cooling side and most manufacturers will not honor the warranty on the cooling coil or condenser if it's not a match to the furnace. So if you decide to keep the furnace you may own a cooling system with a voided warranty.

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