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Is it really neceessary?

Hoping you guys can help. I have a house in Denver CO I am trying to sell. One of the problems that is coming back to me is that there is not a range hood over the gas stove. The house is 85+ years old. We did some remodel to the kitchen, new cabinets, tile paint and appliances. The stove is gas but since the house did not come with a hood, we didn't install one. Is it really required by code to have a hood? Anyone know where I can look it up? I've done a couple of searches, but haven't found anything yet.

Re: Is it really neceessary?

Go to your local building department and ask them.

Think about it: every fixture/device in your home that has a flame, also has a vent to the outside for obvious reasons: furnace, water heater, fireplace, etc. Gas stove/range is no exception.

Re: Is it really neceessary?

A hood serves three purposes: the obvious purpose of venting out odors and combustion gases (charred food and smoking oil also produce combustion gases); the slightly less obvious purpose of trapping airborne cooking grease (otherwise it goes all over the place); and the somewhat inobvious purpose of protecting the cabinets and other room surfaces from fire in the event of a flareup.

(Commercial kitchens are required to have hoods, and they are required to be kept clean. If grease is allowed to build up, it becomes a fire hazard. In my state, an unclean hood is considered a health violation and counts against the restaurant's health score.)

If it's not required by code, it's a really, really good idea to have a hood. If your kitchen is designed so that a standard hood won't fit right, you may have to have one custom made.

Re: Is it really neceessary?

Buyers may shun your house because it may not have a new furnace but not so much because of the lack of a stove hood. I own two houses, one for sale and it's just not a big facter except I hate the fact both my houses lack a stove hood being built 100 yrs ago. If you just installed new cabinetry, could you now re-do that cabinet to install a hood? Residential homes aren't required by law unless that's been changed this year. If the stove is on an exterior wall, the exhaust pipe can be fitted to run into the soffit. There are videos on YouTube for ref.

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