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Is it possible to paint a countertop?

Recently purchased an older home and I am going to do a kitchen remodel in the near future. until then I am looking for a quickfix to make the the laminate/formica countertops to look better. Is it possible to paint the countertops? or do something else to them to make them look a little better until they are replaced? I was wondering if you could put Kilz on first and then paint with an Egg Shell or Semi Gloss?

I have my other home for sale at the moment and the remodeling will not happen until the home is sold and in this market who knows when that will happen. Just looking for a quick fix for a short period of time.

Re: Is it possible to paint a countertop?

yes you can paint them. I think I heard that marine grade paint is best.

here's a link to how to:

Re: Is it possible to paint a countertop?

I would have no idea on what would work my only concern is please make sure that what ever you use is totally non toxic because of using it in food prep

ceo hank freid
Re: Is it possible to paint a countertop?

What you are going to have to do is this.

STEP 1 >>> take sandpaper (a heavy grit is best) and really rough up the surface of your countertop. make sure you get everywhere. This takes off any shine. Then take a small grain sandpaper and go over it again, this makes it a bit smoother.

STEP 2 >>> this is really important. You need to ask at a paint store about getting a high grip primer. The high grip primers are what companies use to paint over fire or smoke damage, etc. IT hides imperfections, and will stick to just about anything.
Put 2 coats of it on, letting dry completely between coats of primer. Then let the final coat dry for a full 24 hours, just to be safe.

STEP 3 >>> Paint with your colour of choice! I'd suggest oil paint, but you can use latex if you're going to seal it with urethane after you paint it. Let dry for 24 hours.

STEP 4 >>> if you use latex you do NOT want to miss this step! GEt clear urethane and do 2 coats on top of the paint. LEt dry for a couple hrs between coats. And try to let dry comppletely before you put anything on the counter.

Re: Is it possible to paint a countertop?

Well I am so glad that I came upon this topic. I too am in the same boat! We are in an old home and will build in the future and would like to try this on my pityfull countertops! Thanks so much Hank!!!;)

Re: Is it possible to paint a countertop?

I'm glad I found this too....we're in the same boat. We just bought our first house and replacing the countertops is low on the priority list.

Did you try this pookiejones or NCcowgirl???

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