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is it the plumbers deal or mine?

ok here goes, Had a plumber clean out my main he found just a little bit of rooting. Its running good, now 2 days later I start some laundry and my drain from the washer is stopped up and flooded the lower half of my house ( which is small I might add) anyway is it possible that he may have pushed debri or small viney roots into the washer drain? where they meet under ground? The washer drain rain clear before they came. Also I noticed probably too late, that on my bill in very light ink on my copy, it stated they cleaned clean out all the way to city main. Oh no they didn't.I stood and watched them reel out 15 feet of cable and then they where done. Its at least 50 feet from my clean out to the city main across my yard. they where there exactly 15 min from knocking on my door to putting the machine away. Not that its really relevant to my question other than is it possible that it clogged the washer drain? I climbed on my roof and the vent pipe is totally clear, I tried shopvacing and air compressing and still clogged tight. got any advice? I called them and left message of the delma and they have yet to call back

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Re: is it the plumbers deal or mine?

What probably happened was when the main drain was backed up,it may have pushed some waste and tissue into the washer drainline before the main drain was cabled.There is no way a cable thru a main drain could clog a secondary drain unless it was being pushed upstream from the city side towards the house but you stated they went from the house cleanout towards the city.....Not the plumbers fault but i would complain about the main drain not being cabled all the way to the city main,because thats what you paid for.

Re: is it the plumbers deal or mine?

Hello, Yes last comment is true. It is possible that something is back up into the washer machine stand pipe, and the plumbers could have pulled something back and it got logged in a t or y fitting in ground. I have been a plumber for over 30 yrs and have run a lot of snakes in my time. 15 minutes? this guy should be in the genius book.:rolleyes: It is hard to say what you have there but ALL lines should be cleared when running a snake through. If there is a clean out inside your house, they can run straight to the street. Then if you have an issue with your washer, that is separate. Stop payment on check if you can until they come out, snake it correctly and then have you run a cycle of wash, flush toilets etc to be sure all is okay. Good Luck, hope this helps.;)GregC

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