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Issues to be noticed !

Well guys, I think you all have much experience regarding the sale and purchase of house, so would you please propose me some of issues I must keep in mind while looking for a house to be bought.
I am searching for some old but well maintained house.

Re: Issues to be noticed !

Here are my guidelines. I'm sure others will have differnt views.

1- Spending more money usually results in a bigger house, not a better house.

2- You are buying a mechanical entity. You want one that was well maintained, just like buying a used car. Quality repairs are most important.

3- The best houses to buy are homes older than 50 years that haven't been touched but have been well maintained. They generally are very well built and ready for a remodeling. There will be very few 'surprises' (see #2)

4- Visit your prospective house at night, on the weekends, in the rain (check for drainage) , school days to get a better grasp of the enviroment.

5- Galvanized pipes last about 30 years before replacement is needed / mandatory

6- Upgraded electrical / windows is a very nice plus which usually has little effect on the sales price of a home, sadly.

7- Decide how much work you want to put into your new home. How much right away, how much over time. Can you stand living in a construction zone and washing your dishes in the bathtub for a few months? Be very serious about this.

8- A good shell is critical- no rotted siding, leaking windows, cracked foundations, sagging structure, older roofing. If those shingles don't look close up like the ones in the store, you need a new roof.

9- Look around for cracks

10- Look around for fresh paint, especially ceilings (think leaks)

11- I'll add more later.

Re: Issues to be noticed !

You must take care of water system, air conditioning, basement waterproofing and so on.

Re: Issues to be noticed !

Does the floor slope or does it bounce? If so, it could indicate serious foundation or structural issues.

If the property has well water (not a municipal supply), an above-ground pump should be at least 1 HP to provide adequate pressure and flow. The power of a submersible pump will depend on well depth. Always have well water tested for bacterial contamination, nitrates, arsenic, and any heavy metals that may be common in your area. Regardless of the water source, have water tested for lead. Lead is common in older copper pipe solder, and may be present in older brass and bronze fittings. Very old houses may have lead pipes.

Open doors halfway. Do the doors swing open or closed by themselves? This isn't really a big problem, but you may find it annoying when an exterior door doesn't close smoothly during the depths of winter.

All old homes have a mystery light switch that seems to have no function. Get used to it.

Every homeowner needs a cordless drill. Get one with two batteries and a separate battery charger. If you have no other power tools, this should be your first. Your wife can't get along without a washing machine, you won't get along without a cordless drill.

Re: Issues to be noticed !

It is also important to see beforehand the places or areas if it is near in the hospital etc.

Re: Issues to be noticed !

Try not to buy too old. Have the fixtures been updated? That makes a big difference. If you buy an old house that still have fixtures from the 40s and 50s, it will be hard to replace them.

Re: Issues to be noticed !
Fencepost wrote:

All old homes have a mystery light switch that seems to have no function. Get used to it.

I will defeat that light switch. I will also find out why there is a mysterious space underneath the light switch that looks like it once held a switch box but has since been papered, and painted over.

On topic, check the shutoffs for all the plumbing pieces you can see. Look for ones that are chrome and shiny, or even better you will see new PEX lines. If the shutoffs are calcified/corroded, you will have to be ready to do some plumbing upgrades. Not only will you be replacing those shutoffs, but probably also the supply lines.

Re: Issues to be noticed !

Speaking from personal experience, don't buy a house with a low slope or flat roof. You want attic access to know what is going on and easily upgrade insulation, with out having to take the roof off. You, also, don't want to have to deal with redoing a low slope roof every 10-15 years or so. Also, think about making sure there is access to easily upgrade the interior drain lines inside the house, and also make sure to do a sewer scope of your side sewer before buying a house as that can be a costly thing to pay for if it goes under the sidewalks or something. I also add that you want to make sure the house is situated in such a way that water drains away from the house so you don't have water in the basement issues. This is just a small list of things that our recent home purchase has inforced in my mind. Having owned both a 1906 and 1962 house, consider older houses may have no insulation in walls, no vapor barrier, old leaky windows, and all the mechanicals may have to be redone and those things may involve some serious work to redo. New but built by a good builder is my feeling after having done way to much home improvement work.

M He Sapa
Re: Issues to be noticed !

If the house has a crawl space, get down there and crawl. If it is lined with a nice vapor barrier, gently lift it away from the edges of the foundation/footing -- you may find cracks which don't show from outside, or discover that the footing is not adequately deep. You may find spaces beneath the footing, such that it is a bridge, where water has forced soil into the crawl space. Garden toads will love this, but you not so much. Notice if there is, upon the vapor barrier, any large ring of calcification indicating a leak-created pond which may be temporarily dried up, especially if the house is not presently in use. Use your nose. Surfaces can seem clean while there are mold problems in underlayments and so on. Very best of luck! M.

Re: Issues to be noticed !

Check for following things if you are buying house:

1. How old is the house?
2. Is furniture in the house rotten?
3. Are there any doors or windows need to be replaced?
4. If yes then who will replace them?
5. Hows the odor in the house? Usually old house have weird odor.
6. Is the house secured?

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