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Irrigation System for a raised vegi garden

Hello Folks, ]
I would really appreciate it some one can help me figure out a way to set up an irrigation system for my raised vegetable garden. It is such a trouble to tug the water line all over the beds just to water plus the vegis get damaged at times. I would really appreciate any help and input in this regard.

Re: Irrigation System for a raised vegi garden

You could bury a supply line from the hose bib location to the raised beds and then lay cpvc pipe in the garden. Simply drill very small holes in the pipe at the proper locations to drip irrigate the raised bed. I would cover the cpvc to keep it from being exposed to UV rays.

There are threaded fittings that will screw onto the hose bib and allow a glued connection to the cpvc pipe.

Just to clarify....is this to be a seasonal or permanent installation?

A. Spruce
Re: Irrigation System for a raised vegi garden

Installing an irrigation system is pretty easy. If you can dig a trench and glue two pieces of pipe together, you can install a watering system for your garden.

You can either install a battery operated timer at the supply OR install a manifold and auto-timer if you want more controlability. Trench and lay PVC or CPVC lines to each bed. From there install poly drip tubing which is all slip fit.

Re: Irrigation System for a raised vegi garden

Hello There,

Thanks for the information. This surly is a permanent installation and I am wondering if running the pvc from the hose hook up to the beds could walked on once the line has been laid below the surface. Would having the holes underground be ok? Also, how would I tackle the issue of watering only say a specific bed? I am attaching a pic of the set up so that you can have an idea of it.
And how would I get the pvc through the wooden bed wall?

I appreciate all the help that I can get. Also, once in the bed how deep should the lines be?


A. Spruce
Re: Irrigation System for a raised vegi garden

99.99% of all lawn irrigation systems are of PVC, so don't worry about it being buried. The only time there is a concern is when it's under a roadway, which again, depending on the use of the road and the depth of burial, is not an issue. The way you control individual beds is to put them on separate circuits, and that is controlled by how you design and manage your system. The typical lawn system has a single water source for all lines, each individual line is controlled by a single control valve that is electrically activated by a timer. Sounds complicated, I know, but it's not. Before I go into a long diatribe on how to install an irrigation system, how many beds do you want to control individually, and how automated do you wish the system to be? Your garden is no different than a multi-circuit lawn irrigation system.

Re: Irrigation System for a raised vegi garden

When you install a drip irrigation system, you can choose one of two varieties: above ground and below ground. The above ground version drips small amounts of water continuously onto the ground, and allows it to soak in. It is all regulated from a pressure controller, which ensures that the water just comes out at a drip instead of a spray or a stream. These pressure regulators are very inexpensive. The whole drip system can be set up with a pressure regulator and a garden hose with holes poked in it.

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