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M He Sapa
IPG Intertape HVAC metalized tape AC698

I am a homeowner who purchased IPG Intertape HVAC metalized tape AC698 to seal ductwork in the crawlspace of my home. I had the job half finished using metal duct tape, with the paper backing, ran out, went to the local builder's supply, and thought I was purchasing more metal tape when I purchased this at $14.00. I am disabled, which makes getting in and out of the crawlspace even more difficult than normally would be the case. But down I went, in my home-made HAZMAT get-up. As usual, I carefully cleaned the areas to be taped, then started to use this. What a mess. Despite IPG Intertape website assurances that it bonds to almost any surface, I found it bonded to three: my workgloves, itself on the role, and itself glue sides together. It stuck, I cannot say bonded, with difficulty to some parts of metal surfaces and the paper surfaces of the batt insulation. I have no confidence it will stay on through the winter. Had it not been a Sunday, had I not already been down in the crawlspace, I would have returned the tape as soon as I realized it had no paper backing and was not metal. In order to cut the stuff, which by the by glues scissors as it dulls them, I had to hold the role of tape between my knees, keep the strip taut with one hand, cut with the other, set the scissors down and immediately fold over the flap on the role to keep it from sticking itself back down, which meant I'd have to crawl over to more light to find the edge again. All this hassle would have been marginally acceptable had the tape bonded beautifully. Even with burnishing it down, it does not. I had worked hard all summer to get this done, and was looking forward to knowing it would stay done. Now I look forward to having to re-do the whole part done with this product, if I am still strong enought to get down in the crawlspace again. This is one of the worst products I've ever tried to work with.

Re: IPG Intertape HVAC metalized tape AC698

IPG Intertape HVAC metalized tape AC698 is engineered to be used on Class 1 flexible duct not metal. Unfortunutly you just got the wrong product for the job.


M He Sapa
Re: IPG Intertape HVAC metalized tape AC698

Thank you, Jack. Their website claims it works on "most" insulation materials. At the time the home center where I live had stopped carrying metal tape, thinking this was essentially the same thing. I mentioned my problems with it to them and noticed they again carry regular metal tape. A simple statement on the package with the information you supplied would make life easier for many. best, M.

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