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Invasive Plant

We have an invasive plant in our back yard...some people call it Bamboo. It makes a nice hedge in the summer with nice green leaves and then in the fall all the leaves fall off. In the early spring once dry it is very brittle and in fact burns very quickly in our fire pit. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

A. Spruce
Re: Invasive Plant

Soak the ground so that it is soft, then start digging. Dig up every last piece of root you can find.

Re: Invasive Plant

What does everybody else call it, if some people call it bamboo?
To get rid of some stands of bamboo, you need earthmoving equipment and just haul away all the topsoil, replace. It just takes a segment of rhizome to reseed it.


Re: Invasive Plant

Cut it to the ground in the spring & then keep hitting it with a round up type product as it leafs out. I've also heard that pouring straight round up in the cut off stalks in the spring will kill it too.
Unless it is a clump type bamboo, it will keep spreading. Only a physical barrier a foot or two below the ground will stop the root/rhizomes from spreading

Re: Invasive Plant

I can't speak for your particular plant, but here in the Pacific Northwest we are having problems with a bamboo-like invasive, non-native species called Japanese Knotweed. It's especially problematic because it spreads extremely easily through cuttings. That means that cutting it down or digging it out is not recommended because that will cause it to spread. The ONLY suitable means for controlling it is a systemic herbicide.

As a landowner, you are responsible for removing invasive and noxious weeds from your property. In some states and with some weeds, you can be cited for failure to remove them.

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