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Interrior wall problem

I am in the process of removing wallpaper from my dining room walls. At several locations on the walls the paper is coming off along with every coat of paint right down to the sheetrock. I am planning to paint these walls rather than wallpaper but the areas where the paint pulled away are definitely going to show through. I was thinking of trying to put a coat of joint compond over these areas which is going to be difficult to keep flush. Any other ideas short of putting up new sheetrock?

Re: Interrior wall problem

I am currently going through the same situation. I have to do a lot of repair work to the sheetrock in my dining room before I start to paint. I have found that joint compound works well. I have not tried other ways because this was the first thing I tried and it worked.

You might have to go at it a couple of different ways depending on the size of the patches you need and the size of tools that you have. I know that knives come in every size up to 12" and maybe wider to apply the joint compound. If the peeled off paint hole is smaller than the knife, then it should be fairly easy to get the repair flush with the paint on all edges of the hole. If there is a large spot and the knife won't reach both sides, then you might need to just put it on a little thick. When it is dry, it is a lot easier to sand it down to be flush.

Sanding the spots to the level of the paint, after the joint compound is put on thick, will be the best way to make them flush. I have had to be patient with it, but it is a lot cheaper and quicker than hanging new sheetrock. You would have to tape and mud the new sheetrock so you might as well repair what is already on the wall, unless you decide yours is to far gone and you just want new walls anyway.

I am not an expert on sheetrock, so take anything from this you want or ignore it all. I hope what ever you do works well and makes your walls look great. Have a great day.


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