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International plug

Returned to US with a hair appliance wired for Italy.....what can I buy so I may use it here? Thanks for any help.

Re: International plug

You need a simple converter from 220 to 110. Get it radio shack or amazon.

Re: International plug

Look around the area where the wirs go into the handle and see if there is a 110/220 switch. If so, switch to 110. Then you will need to either get a plug adapter or just cut the old plug off and put on a new 110 plug.

If no switch, a new hair drier may be cheaper.

Re: International plug

Unless the unit has an internal switch, you're probably better off buying one appropriate for the area. Most of the converters are not rated at a high enough amperage to work with resistance-heated appliances and those which are cost so much that the new unit is almost always cheaper. Also be aware that many electronics will not like the change from 50HZ to 60HZ even after the voltage adjustment, so if it has anything digital in it and doesn't have the switch built in, you may find a converter useless.

One single international standard would be nice but it ain't gonna happen so we've just got to live with this!


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