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Intermittant water running through water meter

I would appreciate any help - I have had this problem for over a year. I even had a plumber come over and the water company but no luck. I intermittantly hear water going through my water meter in the basement - the dial on the water meter spins ever so slowly. I have isolated everything in the house: sprinkler system, washer machine and dishwasher, toilets, and oil fired hot water heater and hydronic oil boiler with baseboard and 1 radiant zone. At one time, when I had a ST12 domestic hot water extrol tank on my hot water heater tied into the hot side - if I closed the lever valve to the cold side of the water heater- it would stop. I was told to take the ST12 off the hot side and it would prolong the life of the ST12. Now that I have done that, shutting the supply valve to the hot water heater does not stop the dial from spinning. I am at my wits end - few things I haven't done - food coloring in toilet tanks to see if it leaks there and someone said it could be the sprinkler isolation swing valve might have gone bad. My water consumption is not ridiculous. I noticed this problem right after we had our kitchen redone. I was also noticing that there was warm water water in the toilets. That is not as obvious anymore. I checked for reversed pipes but did't find anything. Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you

Re: Intermittant water running through water meter

You said it started happening after you redid your kitchen. Did you get a new refrigerator with an icemaker? Those operate intermittently.

Re: Intermittant water running through water meter

Are there any puddles on the basement floor? If not I honestly think you're making way too big of a deal about this.... sounds like you have about 30-cents worth of water per year that you can't account for.

Re: Intermittant water running through water meter
Fencepost wrote:

You said it started happening after you redid your kitchen. Did you get a new refrigerator with an icemaker? Those operate intermittently.

Actually I did - but why would the water meter dial run for so long and usually you can hear it(the ice maker) when it fills up

Re: Intermittant water running through water meter

You can always do the old " process of elimination " method.

Close every fixture's shutoff .... faucets ,,, water heater ... sprinkler ... fridge ... etc.. One by one turn them back on to see which one is causing flow.

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: Intermittant water running through water meter

the water supply lines for refrigerators, insty hot water dispensers or filtered water at kitchen sinks are sometimes retrofit installed using a saddle valve plunged into the cold water line with a kit from the appliance store or that comes with the hot water or water filter device. saddle valves are not allowed in some areas because they are notorious for leaking connections. you should track down the water line connections for your ice maker and check for leaks, since you have a leak detector meter that triangle thing that spins even if a faucet is dripping you'll prolly find that there is a drip somewhere. is the water supply line to the fridge soft copper tube or plastic? might even be the supply line from the base of the fridge up to where the ice maker area is, check under and behind the fridge case for puddles of water or the drip tray too (connections before the valve to the ice maker). your owners manual might provide instructions and a diagram for this area sometimes in the parts list area.

some fridges also have a water filter. sometimes they are inside the unit sometimes they are outside the unit in-line with the water supply line - check this area also for leaks. when we bought our home the prior owners had installed the inline filter beneath the lower cabnet where they ran the supply line behind a removable toe kick - took me three months to figure out they had done this, and when i found it i also found the filter was installed backwards and the connection had been slowly leaking for a long time. it moved the remodel of the kitchen way up on the schedule since the hidden area of two of the base cabinets where they contacted the floor were growing mold under the cabinet and the floor or subfloor was ruined!

back to the cross-over symptom including hot or warm water in the toilets a single handle faucets sink, shower or tub can allow cross-over. bathroom or kitchen sinks' faucets replaced during this time or faucets elsewhere or maybe finally damaged or failed? mabe when you remodeled the kitchen someone made a mistake connecting a cold water line that goes on to the toilet with warm water to a hot water line and since the toilet doesn't draw a lot of water you're not getting cooled off kind of stagnant hot water filling the tank so its not totaly hot? If same toilet is leaking water from the tank to the bowl between flushes or the valve isn't cutting off all the way this might be the problem as a constant trickle and intermittant refilling of the tank when the float gets triggered you can put some food coloring in the tank of the toilet and see if the colored water starts to color the water in the bowl between flushes.

mabe you have a faucet that has a slow drip? you can wipe dry the sinks with a towel and put a circle of brown paper cut from a shopping bag over the drain and the bottom of the sink then put a light dusting of baby powder or sifted corn starch or flour on the sink then go back later and see if you have displaced circles indicating a drip. cheap and fast way to figure that out really quick. you can do the same under the sinks to check for tiny drip leaks there.

any time the plumbing lines gets disturbed like in a kitchen remodel there is a chance old scale in the lines might flush through and get caught in a cartridge or a valve. the chlorine put in city water also can wear out the black rubber parts in the toilet tank or the washers on the water supply lines that screw on then small leaks can show up.

if you have a water softner or other filter or treatment system it might be doing a filter flushing or media flushing cycle.

did you put a insty hot water dispenser in on the remodel? sometimes these need to take in replacement water when they haven't been used in a while for the little resevior they have.

last thing i was thinking was if you have one of those water filter things to filter out the chlorine at the kitchen sink.

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