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Interior wall insulation?

Our house was built in early 1930's. When we remodeled 20 years ago we did not put insulation between the interior wall (between bedrooms and bathrooms). On the outside walls we put up pink foam board between the outside wall and drywall. I would like to do sometype of blown in insulation between all walls. Is this possible and/or smart. We live in Michigan and the house is considered "tile" brick (kinda like the size of a cinder block, but browns). Thanks for reading.

Re: Interior wall insulation?

Other then for sound transfer, why would you want to insulate interior walls? Also, blown in insulation is not a good sound dampener.

Re: Interior wall insulation?

The main purpose of insulation is to add thermal isolation between conditioned and unconditioned spaces. It's sound blocking qualities are secondary. I'd have an energy audit done- sometimes local utilities will do this for free- and base my insulation plans on what they find. There is no gain from insulating interior walls save for noise suppression.


Re: Interior wall insulation?

Insulating interior walls may have the reverse effect making some rooms colder. If you have a traditional, leaky, drafty old home, the poorly ducted rooms depend on those leaks from room to room to moderate the temperatures.

If you don't have decent intake ducting, or air flow patterns, cutting down on the leaking can make differnt rooms different temperatures. This can be good or bad. Can't tell from here.

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