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Interior Gas Lights

Hi all,

Been homeowners for less than 1 month... bought a foreclosed home... so you lose some of the history... and we have discovered interior gas lights.… Yes those "non-working" electric sconces are in fact "working" gas sconces.

We have PG&E coming out to check things out (after some hemming and hawing)... now I am getting concerned about where gas could be lurking behind my walls and am afraid to drill ;0)

It looks like the gas pipes are coming straight up from the crawlspace. Yes, gas still flows when the keys are turned. Hmmm have not tried to light them ;0)

There are four different walls in the house that have the interior gas lights. Several other places where it appears that similar sconces may have been replaced with electric sconces. The same outline is visible in the wall, but we took one down and there is no remaining gas hookup- just electrical.

Any input or advice?

Thanks in advance!

Update: Went under the house... oh what fun. Seems that the gas comes into the house, up to the first interior gas light and then snakes through all the walls of the house! How frightening is that?! We are afraid to drill into any walls now. Someone told us it shouldn't be a problem, that they are steel pipes- but it just seems problematic. At the end of the daisy chain is our water heater ;0) I am thinking we will have to run a new pipe to the stove and water heater for gas, before we can even look to finding a way to get rid of the old interior lights (without ripping out every square inch of plaster... any ideas?

Re: Interior Gas Lights

Have the gas lines disconnected and remove the gas lights, they are unsafe. You would have an open flame and if the flame gets blown out there is more than likely no safety device built in to shut the gas off- Boom! Just my opinion.

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