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Interior Doors

Need opinions on what type and brand of paint is best for pre primed interior dooors? \\Thank you

J Roper
Re: Interior Doors

If they are pre-primed is have to presume they are Masonite doors. For those use an acrylic paint. I would suggest satin or semi-gloss. Do not use oil base. As far as brand, I like Benj. Moore or Sherwin Williams. They both have good consumer ratings. One thing for sure. Most of the job is the labor so don't scrimp on the paint. Always use the best!!!!

Re: Interior Doors

I always recommend re-priming. Primer needs to be fairly fresh to do the best job and you don't know how long that primer has been on there.

Re: Interior Doors

Echoing JLM here...


The longer a primer stays on any surface, the more dried-out and brittle it becomes.
PLUS, there's all the handling/dust that get rubbed in, etc.

We have a saying at our store..."Pre-prime = RE-prime"!

ACE Cabinet, Door, & Trim paint levels nicely; as does Cabinet-Coat from Insl-X. These 2 lines need 24hrs. between finish coats.

You could add some Latex-xtender from XIM if you're using "Regular" paint. This stuff is super! You don't need as much of it as Floetrol, and you get ~ 10-15 min. of "open" time.


Re: Interior Doors

My experience is that the factory primer is only on there to keep the doors from swelling during delivery. It sucks as an undercoat. Also, for some reason, they use a very greyed primer color. I always re-prime with a fresh coat of white primer. I am from the old school and still preferr oil enamels on interior woodwork. It gives a much harder, smoother finish which is easier to maintain. The only downside it that it tends to yellow with age.

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