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Dick L
interior door hanging

installed door but it will not close completly it resist the last 2 inches. it is level and is not binding What do I do to corect

A. Spruce
Re: interior door hanging

The hinge side of the jamb is probably twisted in the opening, in essence, the hinge is fully closed before the door is, causing stress on the hinge screws, jamb, and door. Add some shim behind the hinges to rotate them towards the door. This needs to be done on the door side of the jamb, the side the door swings to, not the other as that will only compound the problem.

Re: interior door hanging

The mortise, either in the door or the jamb, or both, is uneven; or else the jamb is really warped. This sounds like the hinge mortises were cut far deeper on the pin side than on the leaf side. While you could try to shim the pin side out further, this might be more difficult than reworking the mortises down flat and even and then using full shims to bring each leaf out flush with the corresponding surface.

You may also want to consider longer hinge screws too, since this binding force has been twisting the hinges and enlarging all of the screw holes on the pin side of the hinges.


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