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interior cement walls

My home is 90 - 100 years old. Brick home, all interior walls and ceiling are cement. I want to redo my kitchen. I would like to put bead board on the ceiling. Can it be put on with adhesive? On interior walls can I use adhesive to put some paneling on? No insulation in the walls so north wall gets quite cold. Will the cold affect the adhesive? Due to shoulder injury this winter I can't do much with a hammer and neither can my helper.

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Re: interior cement walls

you can do anything you want but i can tell you that you will regret it. at the very very least, attach 3/4 inch strapping to the walls and ceiling prior to putting paneling up and you can also get some rigid insulation to put between the strapping.

ideally you should build 2x4 walls inside of the concrete walls so that you can insulate properly and run electric where needed. a new ceiling should be built below the concrete one with appropriate lighting and room to run electrical and add insulation.

Re: interior cement walls

I know we have asbestos in the ceiling so I don't want to take any of the ceiling down. I know I should put up furring strips and reinsulate but i can't do that right now maybe in 2 years.

Re: interior cement walls

The walls are brick on the outside,then cement another layer of brick, cement lathe and cement on the inside wall. Do homes usually have 2 layers of brick and 3 layers of cement. Basement walls are 1 foot poured concrete walls.

Re: interior cement walls

There is no set answer to "do homes usually have". It depends when and where it was built.
That said double wythe masonry bearing walls were not an uncommon way to build houses 50 years ago or more.
Do you mean plaster and stucco when you say cement?
I agree that the exterior walls would best be furred or studded out and insulated.
I would never put bead board on a ceiling with just adhesive.
If the ceiling is "cement" like the rest of the house what makes you say it has asbestos in it?

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