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Insulation under kitchen sink

My Kitchen sink cabinet is on and outside wall of a brick 2 story. The previous owners obviously have done some work on the pipe that goes to the ouside faucet under the sink. By doing this they removed the back panel of the cabinet. They stuffed some pink insulation and tried to seal things off, but it did not work. There is a tremensous amound of cold air coming from under the sink, and it is pretty drafty in the kitchen and it makes the tile floor cold. It seems like it would be difficult to put a back on the cabinet with it in place. My question is...Is there a way to make things more air tight under the sink and create a more comfortable enviornment that would not be too labor entensive? I have sprayed some foam insulation around the pipes to the outside, and that helped a little, but its still pretty drafty!!! Sugguestions?

Re: Insulation under kitchen sink

You could pack any other gaps with rock wool (not loose-fill type, but batts) which is a lot more dense than fiberglass.

Re: Insulation under kitchen sink

Hello, believe it or not this is a common issue with alot of homes. If there is a outside hose bibb(faucet)and it can only be accessed from under the sink this is common. Purchase some DOW foam in a can(blue, black & white can) low expanding. This works much better. It stays pliable and you can actually pack it tight if you like. Best of all,unlike other foams you can remove it very easily if and when you need to. Fill Holes with as much pink fiberglass insulation as you can. Apply plastic vapor barrier, then you can but some PINK polystyrene foam board. Cut a nice size to fit against back cabinet wall. Tape seams as needed.This is about the best that can be done with how the pipes are located there. It really cant be a permanent thing because you have to access it if needed in future. hope this helps.;)GregC

Re: Insulation under kitchen sink

I have actually seen foam board used with plastic vapor barrier to insulate a small storage room in a basement. I think this combination will decrease the draft from the cabinet.
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