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Insulation Resources

Hello All!!

I am adding insulation to my attic that is about 1200sq feet.

I priced bat insulation to go over the blow insulation that has settled & is in desperate need of more.

I cannot find online resources for insulation manufacturers. Of course, I can get to OwensCorning. But, I can't find any alternatives. HomeDepot is a little pricy, & I just wanted to see if there were alternatives that maybe I could purchase online & have shipped.

Any ideas?

Tks in advance!

Re: Insulation Resources

If I were you I would add mor blown in insulation such as cellulose you get more bang for your buck.it will also settle,just blow it a little deeper then the R-value that you would like to acheive.

Re: Insulation Resources

I agree with above poster. I recommend envirotite for spray in inulation if your in the NY, NJ PA area. i think technology is getting better these days, in the future it may not settle *as much* as it did before.

Re: Insulation Resources

P2000 is the "Greenest" Product on the market.
P2000 is the most "Fire Safe" Product on the market.
P2000 is the most "Energy Efficient" Product on the market.
P2000 is the cheapest Insulation Product on the market.
P2000 is the easiest product to install in the market.
I can't stop using it on my buildings. My renters are paying more to pay less on their energy costs.
I am curious how others are enjoying their success with the P2000.
I just built a 5,400 sqft house in El Dorado California and the electricity bill for a family of 6 has been between $70.00 and $90.00 for the last two months and these have the hottest months we have had in a long time.
My electrician started a fire in the garage and the P2000 actually stopped the fire. I was amazed. I still use the electrician, he accidentally let the concrete polisher plug his grinder into the E-box without the dead guard. They paid for it, so no sweat. The best part was that with the P2000, the lack of flame actually choked the Fire from it's oxygen and the fire died before even ruining anything that a paint job couldn't fix. All they had to do was pay for paint and replace the garage door opener.

Re: Insulation Resources

Don't use Cellulose.
There is no other product like P2000.
When you are done, not only will you have the most energy efficient house on the block, but you will be able to walk in your attic without that creepy feeling of recycled newspaper with chemicals getting on your clothes and in your lungs. P2000 is clean, you can eat off of it. There are no chemicals and it will work better than everything else.

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