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insulation removal??

hello all, new to posting on this board. i have been reading alot of threads in here for quite some time though.. long story short though... we bought this house about 3 years ago, the previous owners had installed new windows in the little ones room for heat concerns. since we have moved in that bedroom is still much cooler then all the others, i have taken the wondow trim off and insulated the space between the studs there. the house has blow in insulation in the walls and attic.. i know that blow in insulation tends to settle and not be as affective, just wondered if theres a way to remove the insulation from the walls and install new other then removing drywall. or if there is something i havent thought of.. hardwood floors throughout the room and all seem cool, just that one room is worse then the others, also that room is farthest from the furnace..

Rodney H
Re: insulation removal??

Do you have dampers in the lines going to each room? If so, try closing off some of the warmest lines, so more air is forced to this distant bedroom. Be careful you do not close off very much at a time, until you get the best air mix to all rooms. Restricting too much, will disturb the efficient air flow of your furnace.

Yes, it definitely sounds like insulation is lacking in some of the walls. This is not an easy fix, so start with the air flow first. Always remember, insulation is far cheaper, both winter and summer, than paying those high heat bills. The new infra red heaters are really great, and use just pennies to heat a room. My brother bought one for his old farm house, and his monthly heating bill dropped dramatically. You have probably heard about these new heaters on TV, of in flyers sent in the mail. Yes, they really do work great, like advertised.

Have a great Christmas.

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