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Insulation over bathroom

I am remodeling my bathroom, removing all drywall and insulation. I am wanting to know what type of insulation to use in the attic, kraft faced or non faced insulation or should I use a vapor barrier. Thanks in advance!

Re: Insulation over bathroom

If you are also doing the walls then I would recommend using unfaced bat insulation with a 6 mil plastic sheet vapor barrier for both ... ceiling and walls.... in my opinion the paper backed bats are useless as a vapor barrier.

The important thing is to ensure the vapor barrier is sealed by using a house wrap tape over all joints of the plastic. The ceiling vapor barrier should overlap the wall's vapor barrier at least 6 inches and taped .

The key is to make the vapor barrier is a sealed envelope.

If you want the ultimate method for the vapor barrier :

apply a thick bead of acoustic caulk to each stud , top and bottom plates as well as each ceiling joist.

Then apply the 6 mil plastic and tape all seams.

Hope this helps.:)

Re: Insulation over bathroom

Make sure you have proper ventilation because sealing your room is great-but a sealed room needs to have the moisture removed with exhaust-any build up of moisture will condense on cold surfaces which can lead to mold growth .

Re: Insulation over bathroom

Yes ... good point ... make sure there is a proper bathroom fan and use it.:)

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