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Insulation in finished attic


I have a 1920's bungalow that I bought a couple of years ago. I live in Atlanta (think high temperature and high humidity during the summer).
I have a finished attic, which is the master bedroom. The finished attic has its own furnace and AC unit. However, during the summer months the master bedroom can reach in the upper 90's if I don't put the AC on and will still hit close to 90 with the AC on all day.
I have knee walls that seem to be well insulated. I should note here that I am new to this stuff and quite honestly don't know much about it.
A friend of mine is a handyman and we installed soffit vents as well as attic fans. I also have a ridge vent which I can see from the outside. I believe that they previous owner installed baffles to let the hot air reach the ridge vent, but I'm not sure. In addition he installed a cylindrical dome ceiling instead of a flat ceiling inside the master bedroom and I'm not sure what is going on behind the dome (ie if there is insulation, etc)
My questions are the following: How can I tell if the previous owner installed the baffles correctly, if any at all? How much space should be left to let the air circulate up to the ridge vent? What type of insulation should be used for this type of house? He used fiberglass, not quite sure what type exactly beyond that.
I had an insulation guy take a quick look at it and he said (without going into the attic crawl space) that the roof needs to be raised about a foot, or have the walls brought in a foot to allow for more air to circulate to the ridge vent. Do I really need to do this? A foot??
Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I can supply photos if needed as well. Thanks!!!!

Rich in Atlanta.

Timothy Miller
Re: Insulation in finished attic

Wow insulation guy suggestion of raising the roof a foot did you winda lottery? If not consider another insulation bid. The attic needs to be examined to see what insulation is in it and what air flow or lack there of exists. When you installed attic fans did you happen to notice is there any space above the master bedroom ceiling and the roof? a VOID? If the Master bedroom ceiling is attached to the roof rafters you need to determine if insulation was installed and if there is at least a 2" airspace above it and below the roof decking. If there is insulation and airspace then each rafter bay needs its own soffit vent and at the ridge a continuous ridge cap vent. to allow air flow and cooling of the master bedroom.
Oh i would never consider adding a foot to a roof even if it was a real big lottery. However one can make a cold roof by adding 1by r4" nailers spaced and then plywood and then a new roof. this allows air to flow under the roof and heat to escape before it radiates into your house.

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