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House built in 1952 w/o insulation on exterior walls. River stone added to west side of house. Need to install insulation on all exterior walls but the west side is the main concern. Other than removing the stone, what would be the easier and more efficient method of installing insulation on that wall? Remove lath rock/plaster on the inside and installing fiberglass or drilling through lath rock/plaster and blowing in cellulose? Also, I prefer doing the work and hoepfully teach my son a few things. Cost is an issue but I don't want to revisit it in 15 years. Kind of a cake and eat it too type of situation.
Any ideas/suggestions?

Re: Insulation

If you remove the lath and plaster, install fiberglass batts and a vapor barrier, then sheetrock, you will know that it is done right and all cavities are filled.

But the blown in cellulose would be less messy, quicker and probably cheaper. After you patch the holes, you should repaint the walls with a vapor retarding paint to protect the insulation.

Re: Insulation

Thanks. That's my preferred method but the boss is concerned about the time to do it, cost, etc.
Follow-up question; would I still need to install a vapor barrier if I use faced insulation? I've been told that the face is a VB.
Thanks for the follow-up answer.

Timothy Miller
Re: Insulation

Howdy, consider contacting you homers insurer and inquire if any discounts in your cost if you use cellulose or fiberglass. Cellulose is treated to resist bugs and rodents and fire- fiberglass is not. What type of exterior siding do you have- consider too the air barrier advantage of cellulose verses fiberglass and the cost of replacing all the exterior wall drywall add lots of $$ But also allows a rewire of the home great time to consider this upgrade if walls open it a no brain er. One can install cellulose from the inside and cover the holes with moldings which really add some design upgrades to the home too. Read about insulation an moisture issues too before you jump in as i would not uses a paint that does not allow moisture diffusion if cellulose in walls. I have learned a bunch about these issues at : greenbuildingadvisor.com/blogs/dept/musings/vapor-retarders-and-vapor-barriers

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