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Insulating unheated garage

I live in a modified cape. The garage is attached to the house but there are no rooms above it nor is it heated or cooled. I'm looking to insulate the garage to help with the temperature swing in it since it is connected to 3+ rooms of the house (2+ on the side of the garage and 1 behind it).
I'm curious about the best way to insulate the roof. It is just rafters and sheathing from underneath. Can I just use batts of insulation between the rafters and against the sheathing? Most of what I read deals with heated spaces and the problem with moisture, but that is not an issue here.

Re: Insulating unheated garage

Here is another excellent application for Spray Foam Insulation. The nice thing about spray foam, it that it will fit in any cavity, and give superior performance compaired to fiberglass, or celly. It will cost more than conventional insulation, but it is well worth it because it will never shrink, sag, settle, loose R value, etc....

Re: Insulating unheated garage

I would never install insulation directly against the sheeting it is important to have air flow to prevent over heating of the roof and moisture removal. If you do insulate you should install a vent cavity from the sofit vent to the ridge or roof vent.

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