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Insulating an unfinished attic space 1 1/2 bungalow

My 1950 bungalow has no insulation:(. I have researched and decided to blow in densed-packed cellulose insulation in between the exterior walls from drilling underneath the siding, but am still unsure what to do with the attic space. The unfinished attic areas along the front and back sides of the house have accessible storage, and someone did place batting side in R19 fiberglass insulation in between the roof studs, but it is disinigrating. The floor is a double-decker type wood setup with a space about 4-6" between the two wood levels. Could I just blow in the slow-rising polyurethane foam insulation into this floor space? If so, should I leave a certain amount of space between where the foam between the floor and the roof edge meet for an air gap? And then should I leave the roof stud areas without insulation, for air flow? I'd like to leave the floor space accessible for storage if possible, and I'm concerned of a mess if I spray cellulose on top of the "top" floor, and also concerned about smashing fiberglass insulation by sitting boxes on top of it. Any helpful comments would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Insulating an unfinished attic space 1 1/2 bungalow

I would use the cellulose under the floor also you can dense pack it just as you would the walls you would just have to block the ends of the cavities, you may have to remove a floorboard so that you can block any ends that are open to the floors inbetween your living spaces.with your other issue i beleive you are talking about your slopes you can also block off both ends of these and dense pack as well,aslong as your kneewall attic's and collar attic have enough venting for there spaces.Now I also use a material called bellyboard,wich is used for patching the belly of a mobile home for the walls in Kneewall attic.You would cut this to the hight of the wall giving yourself some extra just incase,then hang it on the wall with staples and button nails.when your finished you cut small slits in it and dense pack with cellulose.you can also purchase a roll of flex mend (sticky patch) to patch the holes you made for pumping.you can get both these products from a mobile home supply house.

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